Photo by Reid Morth

Photo by Reid Morth

Maven Leather & Seats is one-woman studio in Washington County, Maine operated by Emma Thieme. Emma handcrafts each Maven design from hand-selected and often Maine-tanned hides, opting for heavier weights so her products have a premium feel.

Emma grew up in a small river town in Waldo County. She has been sewing for as long as she can remember and working with leather for nearly 10 years. After graduating with a BA in journalism and working in the field, Emma decided to go into the trades and begin her own business. She graduated from a vocational school in 2015 with a certificate in auto trimming, the art of constructing upholstery for cars, boats and motorcycles.

A rider herself, Emma applied her training to custom leather motorcycle upholstery (Maven Seats) and began using her leather remnants to construct leather bags and other goods (Maven Leather). Whether they be a leather backpack or a custom sculpted leather motorcycle seat, Emma’s designs are meant to be elegant in their function and simplicity.

Today, she remains devoted to both sides of her business and handcrafts each piece by hand in her small shop in the woods. She strives to support the Maine and New England economy and is committed to sustainability in her workshop. Check out her naturally-dyed designs: The Barrens Collection.